I create photographs, databases, games, and other kinds of art.

BlogWhat I've been up to recently.



Yes, I'm the photographer who handed out buttons instead of cards. Click on the image above to see all 287 photos.


Examples I photograph skilled, creative people doing cool things.

Atlanta Fashion Police The most comprehensive record of costumes at Dragon Con.

Convention Photography Links A collection of links to other people's photos from fun events that I attend.

Hoverhands It's all pretend.

Car + Road Beautiful places and the car that took me there.

Details Patterns and texture instead of poses and expressions.

#justPhotogThings The things we do to get that perfect shot.


Get Lost A prototype for a game about finding one's way in an unfamiliar city.

Tabletop RPG characters Grokking a complex system of rules to create mechanically interesting and technically legal characters.

Solstice Cyclist Paint-job Generator NSFW Bodypaint ideas for the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Fandom Squealing Generator Fans get really excited on Twitter and squeal in a particular dialect, which I replicate here.