I create photographs, databases, games, and other kinds of art.

BlogWhat I've been up to recently.



Examples I photograph skilled, creative people doing cool things.

Atlanta Fashion Police The most comprehensive record of costumes at Dragon Con.

Convention Photography Links A collection of links to other people's photos from fun events that I attend.

Hoverhands It's all pretend.

Car + Road Beautiful places and the car that took me there.

Details Patterns and texture instead of poses and expressions.

#justPhotogThings The things we do to get that perfect shot.


Spaceship Wrecker Procedurally generate spaceships, break parts, see failures cascade (Play on

Get Lost A prototype for a game about finding one's way in an unfamiliar city.

Tabletop RPG characters Grokking a complex system of rules to create mechanically interesting and technically legal characters.

Solstice Cyclist Paint-job Generator NSFW Bodypaint ideas for the Fremont Solstice Parade.

Fandom Squealing Generator Fans get really excited on Twitter and squeal in a particular dialect, which I replicate here.