Chasing The Sunset

Chasing the Sunset

An endless exploration RPG campaign with multiple parties and multiple GMs.  Based on West Marches and Fellowship 2nd Edition

Cast of Characters

Learn about the characters and their cultures.

State of the Virtual World

2020 in review

Session reports

  • Legends of the Past

    • Spider-Witch, Tinker-Cyborg & swamp creatures
    • Harbinger, Tinker & library invaders
    • Dragon, Spider, Tinker, Fairy & Mermaid

But how do I play?

At ground level, this is a Fellowship 2E game. In Fellowship you not only control your character, you are the source of truth for your character’s culture and people.  The world does not belong solely to the GM, but is built with contributions from everyone.  There are 20 playbooks to choose from, with varied and fun abilities like:

  • Lift and throw anything you can grasp, including your enemies
  • When you should die, fly into an uncontrollable rage instead
  • Seal an unbreakable pact with someone else
  • Heal others with the power of friendship
  • Remote-control body parts that are no longer attached to you
  • Reveal secrets by summoning glowing rain

Each player chooses a different playbook. No doubles!

When you do something interesting, you roll 2d6 plus a stat (-1 to 3). 10 or higher is a success, 6 or lower is failure, and 7-9 is where things get good, with partial successes, tradeoffs, and complications. So the math is simple, but the fiction gets really interesting really fast.

Fellowship 2nd Edition added Horizon mode which has rules for generating new locations to explore, and personal reasons that drive characters to explore. The longer characters stay in one place, the more dangerous it gets, so you’re always encouraged to stay on the move. Characters will spread out over a map that we’ll create as we go.  Notice boards in town squares and in transient camps let you pass information to characters that aren’t in your session. You may brag of your accomplishments, warn of nearby danger, or taunt that one character that you just can’t stand.

I want to join!

Great!  Send an e-mail to and I’ll add you to the list. I can provide the playbooks and rules. It would be nice if you had dice, pencils, maybe some scratch paper.