Fairmeadow Fair

Gleador the Druid and Lucia the Paladin attend a harvest festival.  Things escalate from there.  Actual Play reports of an completed Dungeon World campaign.

Session 1

Our heroes are hired to recover stolen property, but who is stealing from whom?

Session 2

Our heroes stop a pickpocket, then have a tense confrontation with ruffians in the dark, establishing their reputation for subtlety and social manipulation.

Session 3

Our heroes follow the trail of the ruffians who accosted them and what a strange trail it is! Later, they almost destroy the market.

Session 4

The auction is interrupted by an unstoppable metal menace! Our heroes intervene, but can the sheriff tell hero from villain?

Session 5

Our heroes are deputized to defend the town from a legend they started, but the real threat is in the sheriff’s office.

Session 6

Our heroes’ friends are being framed for their shenanigans. Can they clear the names of the innocent?

Session 7

The end of the Fairmeadow Fair. All our heroes’ shenanigans are catching up to them. Can they talk their way out of an angry mob?

Session 8

Our heroes travel to Templeton, a dwarven college town built into a volcano, to find information on the metal statue that terrorized the fair.

Session 9

Our heroes make inquiries about one mystery but are swept up in another and locked in a terrifying dungeon: the science labs of a dwarven college!

Session 10

Our heroes go to the authorities to report being attacked, accidentally confessing to several crimes and causing factions across the city to leap into action.

Session 11

Our heroes finally go to the library, the reason they came to Templeton in the first place. They are reunited with an ally, but Templeton is rapidly becoming unsafe.

Session 12

Our heroes find a place where Templeton’s forces literally cannot hurt them. This haven attracts many interesting people who get caught up in our heroes’ intrigue.

Session 13

Accidental kidnapping. Accidental trespassing. Our heroes must mind their manners, because decorum is all that separates them from an unthinkable fate.

Session 14

Our heroes spend a few days at the theater and get mixed up in another big dangerous mystery.

Session 15

Our heroes make no progress on their quest, but they do participate in an exciting underwater chase.

Session 16

Our heroes set out for a ghost town. They aren’t the only ones who want in, and the ghosts aren’t the only ones who want them out!

Session 17

Our heroes escape Saarland with their lives, some new information, and a prisoner. Do they remember the way back to town?

Session 18

Direct action against their foe could hurt a friend, so our heroes try sneakier methods.

Session 19

Our heroes dive back into the hornet’s nest. If they stir up enough trouble, maybe the truth will fall out.

Session 20

News from home changes everything. The adventure that began in Fairmeadow is over, but new adventures begin.