Car + Road

The United Sates of America is a huge country with long highways connecting diverse and beautiful landscapes. I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel by car, so I move at my own pace and stop to appreciate whatever catches my eye. Here are a few places my trusty car has carried me in the past few years.
Kirkland, Washington
I-5, Oregon/California border
Again, two years later
Monument Valley, Arizona
southern Utah
US-50, Colorado, site of at least two fatalities
near Bishop Castle, Colorado
US-287 Oklahoma/Texas border
Orlando, Florida
Myakka City, Florida
Baltimore, Maryland
Chicago, Illinois
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lime, Oregon
Golden Gate Bridge North Vista Point, California
Highway 1, northern California
Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon
East St. Louis, Missouri
Pueblo, Colorado
US-50, Colorado
Monarch Pass, Colorado