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I've collected all the photos I can find from conventions I attend. I'm sharing the links here, so you don't have to find them all yourself.
You can SUBMIT A GALLERY if you do run across one that I've missed.

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Burning Man2011mayhem173
Burning Man2008afterdark013201
Burning Man2007afterdark013390
Burning Man2013afterdark01325
Burning Man2007Jim Haber47
Burning Man2009Jim Haber138
Burning Man2005heff66222
Burning Man2004Doanne808124
Burning Man2007In Memoriam: Silent Sensei275
Burning Man2013mkgraph232
Burning Man2019Jason Gegere189
Burning Man2005FrankiePanky47
Burning Man2016espressobuzz13
Burning Man2016espressobuzz45
Burning Man2016espressobuzz6
Burning Man2016espressobuzz7
Burning Man2016espressobuzz22
Burning Man2016espressobuzz49
Burning Man2016espressobuzz26
Burning Man2016espressobuzz14
Burning Man2016espressobuzz37
Burning Man2016espressobuzz26
Burning Man2016espressobuzz7
Burning Man2016espressobuzz8
Burning Man2016espressobuzz10

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