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I've collected all the photos I can find from conventions I used to attend (plus a few other interesting events). I'm sharing the links here, so you don't have to find them all yourself.

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Dragon Con2022rwillia53242
Dragon Con2022rwillia53293
Dragon Con2022rwillia53263
Dragon Con2022rwillia5328
Dragon Con2022rwillia53236
Dragon Con2022rwillia53248
Dragon Con2022rwillia532114
Dragon Con2022rwillia53241
Dragon Con2021rwillia532284
Dragon Con2021rwillia53267
Dragon Con2021rwillia53227
Dragon Con2019rwillia532224
Dragon Con2016rwillia53232
Dragon Con2018rwillia532314
Dragon Con2008rwillia53258
Dragon Con2008rwillia53215
Dragon Con2008rwillia53278
Dragon Con2008rwillia53285
Dragon Con2008rwillia532132
Dragon Con2010rwillia532230
Dragon Con2011rwillia532497
Dragon Con2012rwillia532166
Dragon Con2013rwillia532201
Dragon Con2014rwillia532153
Dragon Con2015rwillia53274

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