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I've collected all the photos I can find from conventions I used to attend (plus a few other interesting events). I'm sharing the links here, so you don't have to find them all yourself.

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Burning Man2007Da Pearl91
Dragon Con2007Sp3ed Demon313
Burning Man2007kylelf_43
Burning Man2007JoshuaColeman20
Burning Man2007burningmax174
Burning Man2007afterdark013390
Burning Man2007Jim Haber47
Burning Man2007In Memoriam: Silent Sensei275
Dragon Con2007Kerry Tierney218
Dragon Con2007foodbyfax490
Dragon Con2007heathervesta91
Dragon Con2007heathervesta77
Dragon Con2007heathervesta230
Burning Man2007Mulling it Over320
Burning Man2007Ron of the Desert5
Mermaid Parade2007adrianmojica32
Mermaid Parade2007neatnessdotcom129
WNBR Brussels2007Exibit34
Burning Man2007renolauren61
Burning Man2007henretig86
Burning Man2007lyla6
Burning Man2007nickvirtue68
Dragon Con2007WR Gladden380
Dragon Con2007mal0000576
Dragon Con2007mal0000545

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