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I've collected all the photos I can find from conventions I attend. I'm sharing the links here, so you don't have to find them all yourself.
You can SUBMIT A GALLERY if you do run across one that I've missed.

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Mermaid Parade2017minoxthecat13
Mermaid Parade2017Goosefriend30
Mermaid Parade2017Jean Boris HAMON25
Mermaid Parade2017weegeewannabe15
Mermaid Parade2017Bulos60
Mermaid Parade2017Alice Teeple53
Mermaid Parade2017JudeTheBlackbird155
Mermaid Parade2017roccocell16
Mermaid Parade2017Shoot New York City1
Mermaid Parade2017faechelmycreations155
Mermaid Parade2017VAVIVALOCAS29
Mermaid Parade2017east village inky94
WNBR Toronto2017torontograndprixtourist16
Burning Man2017gridlore19
Burning Man2017Halcyon12
Burning Man2017Halcyon33
Burning Man2017Stella Zeco9
Burning Man2017mizmareck228
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_114
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_121
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_120
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_110
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_116
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_124
Burning Man2017JC - drewski_155

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