Jam, the Whirlwind Spear

While building “#1 Sap Master” I lamented that there were no finesseable reach weapons, but one does exist!  The Elven Branched Spear is not only finesseable, but gets a +2 bonus to attacks of opportunity.  So I built a Monk around it.  I didn’t try for the Flowing Monk this time, just an Unchained Monk, which is basically Monk 2.0.

The reach weapon (acquired through Ancestral Arms) and her high Dexterity gives her lots of AOOs, and Panther Style also gives her a pool of “retaliatory unarmed strikes” that she can use each round by provoking AOOs from her enemies.  Flying Kick lets her move during a Flurry of Blows, so she can take all 3 attacks on her turn, move past enemies and retaliate when they take their AOOs, then take her own AOOs if the enemies she left behind try to close in again.  She doesn’t hit hard, but she hits often, growing more dangerous as she faces more foes.

I named her after Jam from Guilty Gear, who fights with quick strikes, flying kicks, blazing fast dashes, and a distinctive “HOOOO!” battle cry.  She’s basically that, but with a spear.


Female Half-Elf Unchained Monk 7
N Medium humanoid (human, elf)
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60ft., Perception +8


AC 25, touch 21, flat-footed 20 (+1 Armor, +5 DEX, +4 WIS, +1 monk +1 deflect +3 natural) +4 vs AOOs
hp 64 (7d10+28)
Fort +9, Ref +12, Will +4 (+2 vs. enchantment, +2 vs charm & compulsion) Immune: disease


Speed 50 ft.
flurry of blows unarmed strike +12/+12/+7 1d8+5
+1 elven branched spear +13/+8 1d8 x3 P (brace, reach, +2 attack on AOOs)

Special Attacks Stunning Fist 7/day FORT 17 stunned 1 rnd OR fatigued 1 min


Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 9, Wis 20, Cha 7
Base Atk +7; CMB 7; CMD 27
Feats Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (elven branched spear), Improved Unarmed Strike, Mobility, Panther Style, Panther Claw, Panther Parry, Stunning Fist, Weapon Finesse
Skills Acrobatics +13, knowledge (history) +3, knowledge (religion) +3, Perception +8, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +13
Languages Common, Elven
Special Qualities

  • Ancestral Arms: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (elven branched spear)
  • Blended Views: Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Evasion: no damage on successful Reflex save.
  • Ki pool: 7 points
    • spend 1 point: gain 1 attack at full BAB as part of full attack
    • Sudden Speed. swift action, 1 ki point: increase base land speed by 30 ft. for 1 minute.
    • Barkskin: standard action, 1 ki point: +3 natural armor bonus for 70 min.
  • Ki strike: unarmed attacks overcome DR for magic, cold iron, and silver
  • Style Strike
    • Flying kick: During flurry of blows, move up to 20 ft. (provoking AOOs as normal), ending adjacent to a foe and kicking it.
  • Combat Reflexes: 6 AOOs per round
  • Panther Style: When you provoke an AOO by movement, make a retaliatory unarmed strike against the creature making the AOO (limit 4/round). If you damage the creature, its AOO takes -2 on attack and damage.

Traits: reactionary (+2 initiative), focused disciple (+2 saves vs. charm & compulsion)
Gear: +2 cloak of resistance,+2 Belt of Dexterity, +2 headband of Wisdom, agile amulet of mighty fists, +1 bracers of armor, +1 elven branch spear, +1 ring of protection, handy haversack, monk’s kit, ioun torch.