Different “perception” for different roles

Soldier: “I look around the room.”

GM: “The double doors in front are your best bet for creating a chokepoint.  Most of the furniture here is no good as cover, but the balcony looks defensible.”

Artist: “I look around the room.”

GM: “It’s a good example of late Demarckian style. The tile on the floor is a bit worn, but still pretty.  The spiral carving on the chairs contribute to the overall sense of timeless continuity you get from the tapestries of natural landscapes.  The second table from the right does not match the rest.”

Community Organizer: “I look around the room”

GM: “If you turn the chairs to face east instead of south, and take down the center tapestry, the afternoon sun from the windows will dramatically light a lectern placed just there. You could fit 120 people in here if they’re all seated, but if you want people to mingle comfortably afterward, better limit it to 80.”

Psychic: “I look around the room.”

GM: “The soldier is still followed by the two souls he took as y’all made your way in here.  Nargonthall, ancient fish-prince of Vollshwire, struggles before you, grasped by myriad hands of greed and doubt that stretch invisibly from the cursed chairs scattered around the large room.  He extends a warning, cartilaginous finger towards something with a hostile glow under the second table from the right.”

Different people look for different things, even when they all look at the same things. Reflect that in your RPGs by giving specialists specialized insight into common things.