Chasing the Sunset & Ranch

Chasing the Sunset is a West Marches-style exploration game using Fellowship 2nd Edition‘s Horizon rules.

The party: Vestri the Dwarf, Yuri the Outlander

Last time, the Fellowship climbed a mountain, were almost eaten by Stoss the great Cloud Eel, and sent Stoss rampaging down the mountain to threaten people below. Now they must work with Stoss’ guardians (who tried to feed them to it) to contain it.

They need to get down the mountain quickly to get ahead of Stoss. Vestri considers surfing downhill on his shield, but his Dwarf-sized shield will only fit himself not Yuri and his companions. Yuri asks Yrta to carry him down.

Yrta: You’re a bit thicker than I am. What are you? Seventy? Eighty pounds?

Yuri: Uhhh. No. Maybe double that?

Yrta’s a birdman with hollow bones, so even though he can carry his own weight, he can’t carry Yuri. Vestri, Yuri, and Yrta all have very different densities.

Yrui explains that he usually takes a car to get places quickly, but Vestri doesn’t know what that is.

Yuri: Is like your drill, but faster, with no drill.

Vestri: Like a cart? Did you mean to say cart?

Yuri: This is electric horse. Or gas-powered horse. Coal-powered horse. Whatever fuel you would like to use.

Yrta fed a horse to Stoss 12 days ago, but there are no horses to ride. Yrta can fly, and Doeb can flow downhill, so they don’t have vehicles that the Fellowship can use.

It takes Yrta a while to get a whole idea together, but now he has it.  Yrta’s Flying Command makes his Mountain Lions fly. It only works on his followers, so maybe some kind of bonding or team-building activity could make Yrta and the Fellowship close enough that he could make them fly down the mountain. Yuri offers to heal any injured Mountain Lions, and Vestri wants to play dice. Vestri doesn’t carry dice. Hundrin carries the dice. Yuri wonders if there are enough dice to play Yahtzee.

Vestri: Well, we have seven pig bones. And two sheep hooves. Pig bones have five sides and the sheep hooves have two.

Yuri thinks dice made out of bones are weird.

Yrta: I have some bones in my nest! I could go get them!

Yrta sends a few Mountain Lions to fetch the bones, which are the remains of some animal. They are not dice at all. Yuri gets a scalpel from his medkit to whittle the bones into dice. Perhaps Vestri has experience doing this? No, Vestri’s dice are gifts from his mother. One of the Mountain Lions approaches and sniffs at Steven, Yuri’s pet house cat.

Yuri: No. Bad. Can you tell your larger cat to get away from my smaller cat, Mr. Birdman?

Vestri suggest a meal while they play dice. They need something to eat that isn’t Yuri’s pet cat.  The Mountain Lions weren’t trying to eat Steven, they are curious about the tiny cat. Yuri lets them sniff at each other.  Yrta supplies half a deer carcass and some native herbs as seasoning.

Doeb: This isn’t any of my business or whatever, but doesn’t cooking meat take a while? How long does it take to fly down a mountain?

Yuri: I do not know. I have never had wings, but I can tell you as soon as I have them!

Cooking the meat is how Yuri will befriend Yrta and gain the ability to fly. Doeb shrugs, drops into a puddle, and flows downhill, away from the dinner party and towards Stoss’ rampage. Vestri and Yuri bicker about cooking. Yuri cooks the venison medium-rare to hasten the meal. Yrta takes a while to learn the rules of the dice, and he does have a hand with a palm to hold the die, just his big grapsing feet. Vestri gathers up the dice for him and Yrta grabs them and tosses them in the air to roll them.

Fill Your Belly. Vestri heals 1. Yuri heals 2. Form a Bond with Yrta.

Yrta spends Flying Command to fly the Fellowship down the mountain

Vestri is nervous because Dwarves prefer to be underground, not in the air. Yrta flies lower, just over the trees, hoping to make Vestri more comfortable. The Fellowship comes down out fo the clouds. The land below is hilly with stands of trees separated by big spaces of grass. Areas of the land are marked off by big rows of brambles and thornbushes. The Fellowship’s meal gave Stoss plenty of time to get down the mountain and start wrecking havoc. Several Brontosaurs (huge long-necked dinosaurs) are running towards the Fellowship. One Brontosaur has a one-room shack on its back. also in the stampede are Megacerops: a type of furry rhinoceros with a blunt Y-shaped horn on its nose.

Yuri: Hello, do you need assistance?

The Brontosaur with the shack runs past and a voice from inside the shack calls out.

Voice: Yeeeeeeessssss!

Vestri and Yuri try to land on the fleeing Brontosaur.

Yuri Overcome danger of falling from Brontosaur 10+

Vestri Overcome danger of falling from Brontosaur (despair) 6-

Brontosaur uses Tail Whip to damage Vestri

Yuri lands safely by the shack but Vestri comes in at the wrong angle and Brontosaur’s sweeping tail smacks him aside into a tree. From the sky to a tree. Both bad places for a Dwarf.

Vestri: I am not enoying this! Don’t you worry! I’m going to get down myself, somehow.

Yuri is on the back of the Brontosaur, next to the shack. An Elf woman sticks her head out of the door of the shack. She’s wearing a cowboy hat with little slits on the side so her pointed ears can stick up. She also has a Southern accent.

Yuri: How did your house happen to get on this dinosaur?

Elf: Jake carries me around the ranch, but he’s been spooked! Better get inside so you don’t fall off!

Yuri: Is there a possiblity of unspooking Jacob?

He comes into the shack, which is not the Elf’s house. It’s where she keeps her work stuff as she travels around the dinosaur ranch. Jake’s reins should come in through the front window, but they’re dangling below its very long neck.

Vestri Get Away 7-9 avoid harm

Vestri falls out of the tree, but lands on some underbrush and is uninjured. He stumbles out of the brush with his pickaxe ready, but Yuri is nowhere to be seen. Yrta points out the fleeing Brontosaur carrying Yuri. Vestri starts pursuing it, but realizes his tiny legs are no match for a panicked dinosaur’s speed, and toher dinosaurs are stampeding around. He retreats to the edge of the brush to consider his next move.

Back on Jake’s back, Yuri gets a length of rope and uses it to steady himself as he walks/climbs up Jake’s neck towards the reins. He throws the loop of rope around Jake’s neck and pulls

Yuri Overcome 7-9 temporary solution

Yuri gets up to Jake’s head and hangs on for dear life.  How will he grab the reins without falling off? Yuri yells back to the rancher and asks her to call Jake, so he might turn his head and move the reins closer to Yuri. She does, and Yuri makes his move!

Yuri Overcome 7-9

Yuri Fool Me Twice reroll one die 10+

Yuri hums the Indiana Jones theme as he lets go of the rope, swings around Jake’s neck and grabs the reins. He pulls the reins to bring Jake to a stop.

Vestri: I saw that! Very impressive!

Yuri returns to the shack and is properly introduced to Charlene, the Elf rancher. He’s very impressed that she’s raising animals that are extinct in his world.

Charlene: A lady can’t say exactly how old she is, but we’ve had this here herd for the last 300 years at least.

Yuri: An impressive herd you’ve amassed over such a short amount of time!

Charlene: Yeah, but it will be scattered or killed by that horrible sky monster.

Yuri: We have a way of securing Eel up on the mountain, but it needs to be up on the mountain. Can we use Jacob as bait?

A terrible request! How could she let Jake come to harm? This Brontosaur isn’t quite a pet, but it’s hers. Yuri could buy a different Brontosaur, then do whatever he wants with it.

Yuri: I have no money but I have this amazing trading baseball card. Super-famous. You know Ken Griffey Jr.? What about a pawn shop situation. You hold on to this and if I lose your animal, you keep it. And if I bring it back, it is like, no harm, no faul.

Charlene: All sales are final!

Yuri spends Trading Card (Precious) for a Brontosaur

Charlene directs Jake to find another Brontosaur. They have run far enough away that the animals have calmed down. Yuri can have this one. Charlene asks what mark Yuri will brand on the Brontosaur so people will know it is his and not stolen.

Yuri: Do I have to brand it, so it will be hurt? What about I adorn it with some sort of necklace?

Charlene: The skin is like three inches think, and aren’t you going to get this eaten by a monster?

Charlene has branding equipment in her shack, but the branding iron is for the Lazy I Ranch. Of course she doesn’t have any other brands. That would be cheating. Yuri heats up a hammer and sickle and uses them to brand the Brontosaur with the mark of his homeland. Charlene prepares to ride Jake around to do a neck-count on her herd and see what’s left.

Yuri: Does this one come with reins? I know nothing of controlling dinosaurs.

Yuri is going to command Yrta to command the Mountain Lions to chase the Brontosaur toward Stoss the Cloud Eel. Yuri yells at the Brontosaur and smacks it on the leg to get it to move. It moseys a little, but it will require much more convincing to move towards the Cloud Eel. Yuri gathers some leaves from the trees that the dinosaurs graze from and gives it to Yrta, so he can lead the Brontosaur like a carrot on a stick.

Yuri Talks Sense (+Wisdom, appeal to desire for food) 10+

The Brontosaur follows the food towards the commotion.  Megacerops run in the opposite direction. Stoss is no longer camouflaged by clouds, so its huge grey body is visible close to the ground. It’s trying to attack yet another Brontosaur.  Vestri has been trying to catch up with Yuri all this time, but everything has such long legs and move so much faster than him.

Vestri Look Closely 7-9 three questions, find one answer the hard way

  • What is Stoss doing. What will it do next?
    • Stoss is trying to corral the Brontosaur by blocking its path with its tail. When the Brontosaur can’t run anymore, Stoss will kill and eat
  • Is something hidden or out of place?
    • A patch of water flows unnaturally through the water. It’s Doeb!
  • What happens if I jump up and down and yell to draw attention?
    • A male Elf comes out of camouflage right next to Vestri and tries to tackle him to the ground, but fails because Vestri is very dense and stable.

Wayne: It’s dangerous here! I don’t know how y’all wandered into this.

Vestri explains that he and Yuri are here to get the Could Eel under control.

Wayne: Y’all seem intent on runnin’ right into danger, but I’m getting out. I’m getting into the Baron’s underground manor. I reckon that’s the safest place. I recommend you come with me.

Vestri:  Underground is definitely the safest place to be. I should help my friend over here. He’s not from our world.

Wayne: Well, I ain’t kidnapping you. You’re free as you wish, but I ain’t stopping!

Vestri moves towards Yuri and Wayne uses Camouflage to disappear into the tall grass.

Stoss has corraled a Brontosaur, but Yuri runs in to attack that Brontosaur’s legs, hoping it will rear up or bolt away.

Yuri Keep Them Busy vs. Stoss 7-9

Yuri Fool Me Once 10+

The Brontosaur rears and flails its mighty tail, preventing Stoss of getting a good bute, but threatening Yuri.

Yuri Overcome 10+

Yuri tucks and rolls under the sweeping tail, avoiding harm. He tells Yrta to send the Mountain Lions to drive the Brontosaur up the mountain.

Mountain Lions use Pounce

Vestri chases down Doeb

Vestri: Listen. Here is a very reasonable plan. You were going to keep Stoss at the top with a storm. Why don’t we chase it up to the top with a storm? If you use your power of the storm, I will use my power of whispering to rocks.

Doeb Divine Purpose: all Talk Sense attempts have Despair

Vestri Talks Sense (+sense, explain plan) 7-9 owe Doeb a favor

Doeb: Hmm, insteresting. I could use an expanded dwelling. I am expecting . . . guests. Yes. This is good. I will do this for you.

Doeb Rain’s Master: create thunderstorm

With the Brontosaur in front and the storm behind, Stoss heads up the mountain. Vestri tries to catch up by riding a Megacerops. He sits on the beast’s nose and steers by holding the Y-shaped horn.

Vestri Get Away (+despair) 7-9

Vestri barely keeps the beast on course. There’s lots of screaming. Sometimes Vestri ducks behind the horn as the Megacerops crashes through brush.

The Brontosaur can’t climb all the way up the mountain. It gets stuck in deep snow partway up the mountain, at the edge of the clouds. Yuri wants the Mountain Lions to lurk in the mist and form a shadow that looks bigger than the Brontosaur, so Stoss will switch to target them. Surely they are fast enough to get away. That’s a hard sell for Yrta! On one wing, he’s dedicated to caring for Stoss, but on the other wing, these are his cats! Yuri offers the Brontosaur to replace any losses.

Yuri: It’s your life’s work, Yrta. You need to break few eggs to make omelet.

GM note: not a good metaphor for a bird!

Yuri Talk Sense (+Wisdom, desire to care for Stoss) 6-

Yuri Fool Me Twice 10+

Mountain Lions Stalk From Shadows

GM note: The players are spending resources and making good rolls. I think this is enough.

Stoss chases the Mountain Lions past the trapped Brontosaur and up to the peak of the mountain, where Doeb is able to surround him with storms and keep him there.

Yuri: You hear that Doeb? We have saved your eel pet.

Doeb: Yeah, I know. I’m the one chasing it. The storm? Behind you? That’s me.

Vestri’s Megacerops gallops up the slope, pushing a mound of snow in front of it. It skids to a stop and Vestri, encrusted in snow, emerges from the ditch behind the Megacerops.

Vestri: It worked, lad!

Yuri: But at a cost.

Vestri: At cost? What’s the cost?

Yuri: My mental health! And also my baseball card.

GM note: They didn’t save the day, they just un-ruined it back to the status quo, except some Mountain Lions got eaten.

Vestri fulfills his promise to expand Doeb’s house. It’s all tubes and round rooms, very good for fluids. Doeb is pleased to have space for more Rain.

GM note: There’s no drama in expanding the house, so I didn’t call for the Speak Softly roll that it technically requires.

The Fellowship goes down the mountain, taking the slow way so that Gurtin can drive down. Yrta comes along to take delivery of Yuri’s Brontosaur. Along the way, Vestri explains his family to Yuri, who is mixed up. Gurtin is the vehicle. Hundrin is the Dwarf. Neither are married to Vestri. None of Vestri’s wives or husbands accompany him on this adventure. They are all back in the mountain, except the one husband who is a trader. Vestri’s wife is a silversmith, and Vestri’s husband’s wife is a goldsmith, so Vestri’s husband sells the gold and silver jewelry.

When they return to the Lazy I Ranch, Charlene is upset. Yuri took a Brontosaur that he didn’t pay for, and he left his Brontosaur at the ranch to graze on their land. She demands that he return the stolen Brontosaur and take his Brontosaur away.

Yuri: That one was about to be eaten, so I needed to get it off the land to get rid of the thing that was terrorizing your town. Kind of a wash, really? Would you rather I left the eel? I can go back and get it!

Charlene: Well, I never! C’mon Jake, we’re going to tell the Baron about this!

Threatening the ranch with a giant monster was a bad move! Charlene rides away in her giant steed. Yuri tries to find the Brontosaur with his hammer and sickle brand.

Yuri Looks Closely 6-

Yuri Fool Me Once 7-9 ask three questions, find one answer the hard way

  • Is something hidden or out of place?
    • The big house where the boss lives is mostly underground. The only part above ground is a lobby, so it’s smaller than the houses for the ranch workers.
  • Tell me about the Brontosaurs. What are they doing?
    • The have recovered from their panic and are acting normally. They move in a loose formation instead of all descending on one stand of trees and stripping it bare. Yuri is able to figure out how they move and finds his Brontosaur.
  • How could the Baron hurt or help me?
    • The Baron is the boss of this location. If they anger him, and they won’t be welcome here, but please him and he can use his power and influence to help them.

Vestri wonders if the Baron is a Dwarf. Yuri assumes its a relative. Charlene emerges from the Baron’s house with a finely-dressed Elf. Davey is dressed like Colonel Sanders.

Yuri: No! No threatening! Showing the intelectual conundrum. The status quo was a horrible eel. I feel like I did a good thing here, is what I’m trying to say. I have no intention of destroying your town.

Davey: How about we trade your Brontosaur for the one you took?

Yuri: I have since traded the Brontosaur, so you would have to talk to my bird friend here.  We know exactly where it is. It is just a little stuck.

The Fellowship realizes that they abandoned that Brontosaur in a snowdrift and it surely froze to death.

Davey: Where is it? Describe it to me.

Yuri: Is very tall piece of ground that sticks up and there is a little bit snow at the top. That is the mountain.

Davey turns to the Dwarf, hoping for a useful description of the Brontosaur’s location. Vestri gives a detailed explaination of how to reach the Brontosaur. Davey closes his eyes, mumbles, and makes some hand signs.

Davey uses Mystic Power

Bam! Davey teleports the Brontosaur back from the mountain. It’s dead.

Charlene: We’re taking that Brontosaur back.

Yuri: Can I have my baseball card back?

Charlene: No!

Yrta isn’t sure if the dead Brontosaur is the same one that Yuri promised to him. Both Yrta and Yuri think all Brontosaurs look alike.

Charlene: First of all, they’re all individuals. Second, we branded the one that you bought. This isn’t it.

So the Lazy I Ranch takes back the Brontosaur that Yuri bought. Yuri owns the carcass of the other Brontosaur, which he gives to Yrta as a source of food for his Mountain Lions. The Mountain Lions descend and carry off all the meat back to their home in the mountain. There is no Eel terrorizing the town. The Fellowship think they’ve done a fine job.

Yuri: So for the heroes of the town, do you mind if we have a little place to sleep for the night, or…

Davey: Are you referring to yourselves?

Yuri: Maybe I can assist medically, if anyone was injured in the Great Eel Attack of Whatever Year This Is?

Vestri: We typically count in Ages.

Davey: I think it’s time for y’all to mosey along.

Vestri: Do you need a new cave?

Davey: What have you heard about our cave?

Yuri: The way you ask makes me curious. What haven’t I heard about your cave?

Davey: Baron Ivanova’s dwelling is Baron Ivanova’s business. I’m not going to tell it to outsiders.

Yuri: Could be insiders if we knew.

GM note: Ivanova is pronounced “Eye vuh NO vuh” because it’s an Elven name, not a Russian name. Russia doesn’t exist on this planet. Also, the Fellowship will not leave well enough alone! They’ve squandered all their good will.

It’s getting dark. The Fellowship wants a place to stay. Maybe they can do some unskilled labor to earn a bed? maybe Yuri can use his medkit to…

Davey: Y’all should definitely move along. You should not be here after dark.

Yuri: Why not? Is there a problem after dark that we can help you with?

Vestri convinces Yuri to leave the ranch, and even then he’s still explaining how he’s a good helpful person and the Elves should be happy to have him. Vestri makes a cave for the Fellowship to sleep in for the night.

Vestri Earth Whisperer

GM note: Oh right, Response Moves. The Fellowship has certainly caused trouble in Lazy Eye Ranch

Response move: Guardian. A powerful Threat activates to defend a location

Response move: Stalker: A Threat watches the Fellowship and reports to the Boss

GM note: Even thought it provides interesting insight to early Dwarven culture, I will omit the lengthy discussion of how Dwarves poop.

The Fellowship considers what to do next. Yuri consults the sword to see if it points him towards the site of a future disaster. He gets the impression that to the south there is a mountian with a huge gash in it. Yuri asks Vestri if he knows such a mountain.

Vestri: There are many mountains with gashes. Do you mean the Split Mountain? Or the Twin Mountain? Or the Dragon-Split Mountain? Perhaps you mean the Hammer-Cleft Mountain? The Hammer-Cleft mountain is mentioned in the tale of the dagger.

They set off to the south toward Hammer-Cleft Mountains. First they pass through the Singing Hills. Various adventuring parties have traveled through the SInging Hills over the years. So the Dwarves have a song about it that they heard from the Humans, and the Humans heard it from the Elves. It’s a place of note.

GM note: Ha ha. Like a musical note.

The Singing Hills are rolling hills with long grass that blows in the wind as big puffy clouds float overhead. Different tones  carry on the wind, different notes from different directions. Far away in the sky, a whie line snakes back and forth. It looks a bit like a Cloud Eel. The Fellowship decides to give it a wide berth. As they walk along, Vestri recognizes a false stone, used by Dwarves to conceal things.

Vestri: See that? There’s one rock that has a strange milky shine. See how that one the reflection seems a little blurry? It’s not a real rock!

Vestri wedges his pick between the false rock and the real rocks and pulls. The false rock smoothly rotates away to reveal Dwarven stairs going down. Yuri worries that Gurtin will not fit, but Gurtin was built for Dwarven mines, so it fits through standard Dwarven passages. Yuri can’t stand up straight inside, so he goes down the stairs on his hands and knees, but first. The stairs go down to an old Dwarven bus stop. The chamber adjoins a round tunnel about the width of a two-lane road. It’s about 30% full of water flowing south. If this was maintained and active, rafts would transport Dwarves downriver, and conveyor belts powered by waterwheels would transport Dwarves upriver. This tunnel has been abandoned for a long time. The conveyor belts are gone, the lights are out. No rafts, no Dwarves, just a dark tunnel with water flowing through it. Vestri babbles about how cool this is, about vague stories that he wasn’t sure were true. This explains how those two groups had a trade route across the lands of the Red Tyrant. Very exciting.

Yuri: Thank you for the history lesson. That is actually very interesting. What do we do?

Vestri wants to make Gurtin the Tunneler float, but Yuri thinks that’s unlikely because it’s so heavy. He proposes leaving Gurtin behind, but Vestri rejects that.

Vestri Earth Whisperer Speak Softly 10+

  • What can you tell me about getting out safely?
    • There are stations like this one along the tunnel that go up to the surface.
  • What should I be wary of when traveling through the tunnel?

    • Recently there were strange and dangerous creatures in here: a unicorn, a giant crocidile, some adventurers, a giant spider.
  • Please collapse the tunnel upstream of us, so the water will drain out.
    • The earth complies.

The water can’t flow down the tunnel and builds up behind the blockage. Maybe the blockage will hold, but maybe the tunnel will suddenly flood at an unpredicatable time in the future. The Fellowship waits for the water to flow away and then walks/rolls down the tunnel on solid ground.

Vestri: OK, we’re going to go left then right then right then left then right then left-left.

Yuri: I trust your Dwarven instincts because you have talked to the earth.

Vestri and Hundrin can see in the dark tunnel, but Yuri holds on to Vestri’s shoulder for guidance. After walking for some time, they reach a branch in the tunnel, going right and sloping up. Vestri decides to go right, which probably leads to an exit, so Yuri can see.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel. As they approach it, they see that the ceiling of the tunnel has collapsed, so light is coming in from the sky. Water drips in from the hole in the ceiling onto a ramp of rubble. Vestri wants to punch through the rubble to the tunnel beyond.

Vestri Clear The Path 6-

Falling Block Trap: Pile of Rubble threatens to bury Vestri

Vestri Overcome 10+

Vestri charges into the rubble, hits it with his shoulders and the whole ceiling collapses! Then nothing. Dust settles.

Hundrin: Don’t worry about it.

The first time Hundrin speaks to Yuri! The rubble trembles a bit, then Vestri’s head pops up out of the rubble, like a human might emerge from a swimming pool.

Vestri: I’m stuck over here. Hold on, it’s going to take me a minute.

Yuri: Maybe it is better if you request the earth to move

Vestri Earth Whisperer Speak Softly 10+

  • Hello could you please move out of our way? Thank you.
    • The pile of rubble moves aside.

Now some very obvious consequences happen which surprise everyone. The Fellowship walked up the slope of a blocked tunnel in a system of underground waterways. Water should be flowing downhill, against their path, but it’s not because the tunnel is blocked by a pile of rubble. A pile of rubble that Vestri just moved out of the way. Behind that rubble is a wall of water two storeys tall filling the entire tunnel, which is now free to rush down the tunnel that everyone is standing in! Yuri grabs for some rubble to avoid being swept away. Vestri sinks in water, so he jumps to get a breath of air, sinks, then grabs for a big rock, hoping to stay in place underwater until the water level subsides.

Yuri Overcome 6-

Yuri Fool Me Once 6-

Vestri Overcome 10+

Vestri and his rock don’t move very far, but Yuri, Hundrin and Gurtin are swept away.

GM note: Hundrin and Gurtin have no unmarked stats, so this damage goes to their bonds. They only have one Bond with Vestri, so they lose their last Bond are no longer Vestri’s companions! Oh no, is Vestri’s friend dead?! I remind Vestri’s player that Gear (including companions) return when Recovering, so they aren’t permanently gone.

Gurtin is bashed against the side of the tunnel and wrecked, and Hundrin disappears in the water.  The water gets lower and slower as it goes down the tunnel, and eventually Yuri is able to pull himself out of the water. Yuri and Vestri yell for each other. Vestri finds Yuri and guides him back up the tunnel to the light, making wet squishy footfalls. They climb out of tunnel to the surface. They are no longer in the Singing Hills. They are in a marshy region. It’s raining and muddy and hard to see. A ways in the distance is the palisade wall of a settlement. They approach the settlement, hoping to dry off. The enter the town of Bogden, which is primarily settled by Platypeople. There’s no immediately hostility or disaster here, so they plan to stay here and Recover.


  • Did we thoroughly explore a new location? Yes, Cloudhold.
  • Did we discover something new about he world and its people: Yes, there are Platypeople and dinosaurs and lost Dwarven tunnels.
  • Did anyone find what they were looking for? No

Two Boons.

Level up and they’re going to Recover and get all Gear and Stats back, so the other boon is irrelevant.