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I've collected all the photos I can find from conventions I used to attend (plus a few other interesting events). I'm sharing the links here, so you don't have to find them all yourself.

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Burning Man2005Da Pearl84
Burning Man2007Da Pearl91
Burning Man2010Da Pearl21
Dragon Con2022alexandraleestudios68
Dragon Con2022justincosplay200
Dragon Con2022justincosplay325
Dragon Con2022justincosplay241
Dragon Con2022justincosplay32
Burning Man2016tiffanytudyk36
Dragon Con2022greyloch12
Dragon Con2022rwillia53242
Burning Man2022smashz182
Burning Man2013veronique robin84
Burning Man2015veronique robin120
Burning Man2016veronique robin257
Burning Man2022felixtian.com16
Dragon Con2022rwillia53293
Dragon Con2022rwillia53263
Burning Man2022staveleyandsutherland279
Burning Man2022staveleyandsutherland74
Burning Man2022staveleyandsutherland13
Burning Man2022annestaveleyphotography81
Burning Man2022Aurora SF77
Dragon Con2022Patcave74
Dragon Con2022Patcave69

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